April 13, 2017 Sepid Mortazavi

It goes without saying that I prefer jewelry to be simple yet with an attention to details. Delicate but noticeable. subtle but not to miss. This is what makes Parasteh jewelries a favorite of mine when it come to jewelry. I’m really happy to had a chance to meet this stylish lady, Parasteh. Founder of Parasteh Gold Gallery. She has an amazing personal style. Love the cool style with lots of feminine touches.

You can see her beautiful pieces trough this link.

The pearls and diamond earrings which I’m wearing are my favorites at the moment. Aren’t the really CHIC!

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  1. Hadi sadat 1 year ago

    سلام…خوبید؟؟من با یک کمپانی پوشاک قرارداد دارم میخواستم ببینم واسه مدل میتونین همکاری کنید شماره تماس۰۰۹۸۹۱۷۳۱۱۲۱۶۳؟

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